The Phrase Dragon

詞組龍 Phrase Dragon 词组龙

This is where the Phrase Dragon Dictionary is being built

This site is still under development, and is not yet ready for general use.

However, the dictionary does work at a basic level. If you want to try it out, it can be found here, but its final form is intended to be a bit more useful. For example, if you put in an English sentence including the word "ride", you can be shown a list of translation options for "ride", but cannot yet tell from that list which might be the best option to choose. This is one of a number of issues still being worked on.

Also, although this dictionary contains more words than many other online dictionaries do, there are still many words that are not in here yet.

If you find any errors in it, or there are words you cannot find and think should be added, or you have any other comments, please write to the webmaster